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Our Physiotherapy Department improves quality of care by bringing additional knowledge and expertise to the management of patients with disabilities and pain syndromes. Physiotherapy forms an integral part of the treatment plan for many patients. Our Physiotherapy Department also offers many invaluable services to our patients. 

Our Physiotherapy staff provide a comprehensive service from initial assessment and diagnosis through to complete rehabilitation. They can also advice and teach exercises to help you increase or maintain your physical activity, which is designed to improve movement and strength in a specific part of the body. We also recommend exercises that you can continue doing to help you manage pain in the long term or reduce your risk of injuring yourself again. 

Following a thorough assessment of your condition, you will be given a full explanation of the problem and an opportunity to discuss the treatment options available. Together we will plan your care. 

If you suffer from any of the below symptoms Elite Medical Center’s Physiotherapy Department can assist you on your road to recovery. 

  •  Neck Pain 
  •  Shoulder Pain 
  •  Elbow pain 
  •  Lower Back Pain 
  •  Computer Strain 
  •  Sports Injury 
  •  Ankle Pain
  •  Post- Surgical Pain 
  •  Ankle Pain
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