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occupational therapist

Our Occupational therapy department focuses on enabling people to do the things they want and need to do in their everyday lives including work, school, hobbies, social situations, household tasks.

Our occupational therapy staff work  to help people develop, recover, and improve while maintaining the skills that they need to live their lives. Their work centers on adapting a person’s environment so that it better suits them and the things they want and need to do. OTs work with lots of people of all ages.

OTs work with people who are experiencing illness or disability or are recovering from a medical event, such as a stroke or an operation.

Our occupational therapy staff will work with the person to understand their abilities and goals, then develop a treatment plan based on that information. They may recommend methods and equipment that will help the person carry out these activities.

During an occupational therapy appointment, the  OT will usually begin by reviewing the person’s medical history and asking them some questions about what they do in their day-to-day lives, and the OT  will want to evaluate the person’s abilities (by using standardized assessments) , then the OTputstheir goals very much depend on the person and  their needs  and the assessments.

Our Occupational therapists can:

  • Helping  people  going  through physical changes to carry on working
  • Helping  people  experiencing  changes  in how  they  think or remember things  to carry on working
  • Helping  children with disabilities  fully  participate in  school
  • Helping people with disabilities take part in social situations, hobbies, or sport

Our therapists will:

  • Work with the person and their  family  to identify their goals
  • Design a custom intervention, or plan, that will help the person perform their everyday activities and reach their goals
  • Check  to see  whether the person  is  meeting  their goals and make any necessary changes to the plan

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