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general practitioner

General practitioners at Elite Medical Center treat all common medical conditions. Our GP’s focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care. A visit to the clinic would be necessary for a physical examination, your doctor will diagnose and give treatments for your illnesses/ailments. 

Communication and respecting the patients’ choice is something we take great pride in. We believe in informed choice and discussing side-effects with our patients, best conditions for use, and possible interactions of medication before prescribing. Safety is at the center of all we do at Elite Medical Center. We take great pride in responding to patients’ medical/health problems by referring to their history and carrying out diagnosis, investigation, treatment and referral as appropriate. 

The Family Medicine Clinic provides treatment for a wide range of illnesses and issues for both adults and children, some of which include:

Ear, nose & throat infections, spirometry, asthma diagnosis, treatment & management, dermatological diagnosis & treatment, diabetes & chronic disease management, family planning, contraception & sexual health, weight management, women’s health, blood pressure diagnosis & management, cardiovascular disease diagnosis & management, wound stitching & dressing, ECG & heart activity testing, health screenings & health promotion, addiction counseling, including smoking cessation.

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