Our  Dietician at Elite Medical is an expert in food and nutrition and helps our clients to promote healthy eating habits. We also develop specific diets for people with special dietary needs. Our Dietitian translates the science of nutrition into everyday information about food for health and well being and takes an active role In health promotion in our community. Educating and advising clients on how food and healthy eating habits can prevent illness and achieve and maintain optimum health is important to us at Elite. We also advise a wide range of patients on how therapeutic diets and dietary therapy can improve the management of their health conditions.


Body & Nutrition Assessment

  • Laboratory test
  • Body composition analysis

Diet Programs and plans

  • Diet for weight loss & weight maintenance
  • Diet for Malnutrition & weight gain
  • Diet for determining the sex of the baby
  • Diet for Fasting ( for Muslims & Christians )
  • Diet for children
  • Diet for pregnancy & lactation
  • Diet for bodybuilder & athletes
  • Diet for Diseases
  • Diet after sleeve operation
  • Diet to boost good mood & improve memory
  • Diet for anti-aging

Food Delivery

  • Ready-to-eat diet meals

Slimming and tightening machines

  • Bodytek EMS
  • CryoFrequency
  • Pressotherapy


BODYTEK EMS for slimming,tightening,and muscle strengthen

EMS Fitness is the fastest, safest and most effective way to achieve a beautiful

and healthy body in record time.

In only 20 minutes per week you can intensely activate up to 300 muscles at a

Time, the equivalent of several hours of conventional training.

EMS Training is the combination of personal fitness training and Electronic

Muscle Stimulation. It is the catalyst of permanent and rapid weight loss, toning,

 muscle building, rehabilitation, cellulite reduction and rejuvenation.

 It works on all your body parts, including arms, chest, stomach,waist,butt,and legs. And helps you loose between 3-13 cm from each area within 1 month.

CRYO-FREQUENCY slimming machine, for deep localized fat reduction and skin tightening

One team, five technologies …the best equipment for body molding

Cryo-frequency is a machine that brings together five distinct operating methods that allow the completion of as many therapies. 

With the Cryoprefrequency an applicator generates great intensity of heat inside the skin and on the outside it works with temperatures below zero. The thermal shock that generates the 60º of the radiofrequency inside the skin with the -10º of the head, is what generates the lifting effect in the patient from the first session. It helps you reduce 1-3 cm from targeted area in each session you do

Pressotherapy…cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation

 It is a medical and beauty treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage by using air pressure on different parts of the body.

It improves circulatory system disorders and venous issues like varicose veins, tired legs and heavy limbs.

If you are thinking about getting fit and losing weight, this type of treatment may be for you.

By combining pressotherapy, diet and exercise, you will see better results in less time. You can also treat swelling or drain the toxins, fats and liquids that cause cellulite. You will recover skin elasticity, increasing oxygen flow to the body’s tissues and helping them regenerate.

You’ll need to do more than one session to see the results of pressotherapy. But after the first session you will feel a clear improvement to your physical fitness, especially in terms of the elasticity and flexibility of the tissues.


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