Dr. Sawsan Naserddine


Dental Department

Dental Surgery and Pediatric Dentist. 

Dr. Sawsan Hamad Nasreddine obtained herbachelor’s in Dental Surgery from Faculty of Dental Medicine, LebaneseUniversity, Lebanon and graduated in 1997.

From 1998, she worked in her private clinic inHamra, Beirut, Lebanon till 2020.
In 2002, she obtained her University Diploma inOral Biology and then in 2004, she graduated in Pediatric and CommunityDentistry in Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
In 2004, Dr. Sawsan joined the educational teamat Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon and became in 2015Chief of Clinical Services in Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Dental PublicHealth and in Special Care Unit. She has extensive experience treating patientswith special needs especially under general anesthesia.
In 2017, she has a Certificate of attendance fora workshop on Myofunctional Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai and she has 17years’ experience on Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment.
She has about 10 of indexed Publications talkingabout Tooth Staining, Early diagnosis of caries, Oral Ulcers, Focal cemento-Osseous dysplasia, musculoskeletal disorders, Prevention of Early ChildhoodCaries (ECC) and other subjects.
Dr. Sawsan Hamad Nasreddine was a speaker at aconference in the 16th International Convention 2019 of the Faculty of DentalMedicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
In 1997 she joined Lebanese Dental Associationand in 2004 she was a member in the Lebanese Society of Pediatric Dentistrytill now.
In 2000, she became a member of theAdministrative Board of the Lebanese University Alumni Association till now.
In 2019, she joined the Lebanese MilitaryHospital as a Pediatric Dentist
In 2010 she worked in Maghrabi Dental CenterJeddah, Arabia Saudi for 2 years.
She worked in Doha, Qatar since 2012, but in2020 she joined the Elite Medical Center Family.


  • Bachelor in Dental Surgery, BDS
  • University Diploma in Oral Biology, UDOB
  • Diploma in Pediatric and Community Dentistry, DPCD
  • Certificate of attendance for a workshop on Myofunctional Orthodontic Treatment


  • Non-Pharmacological Behavior Management for Young Patients In Dental Office
  • Urgent Treatment for Any Fracture or Knocked Tooth
  • Facete Composite for Anterior Teeth
  • Cosmetic Fillings for Anterior and Posterior Teeth
  • Zirconium Crown for Anterior and Posterior Teeth
  • Stainless Steel Crown for Posterior Teeth 
  • Cleaning And Polishing
  • Fissure Sealant as Prevention Fillings
  • Fluoride Gel & Varnish Fluoride
  • Root Canal Treatment on Primary Teeth
  • Treatment Of Tooth Staining and Spots
  • Treatment Of Patients with Special Needs
  • Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment
  • All Types of Space Maintainer Unilateral or Bilateral, With or Without Teeth
  • Mouth Guard Specially for Any Types of Sports
  • Stop Thumb Sucking Habits
  • Myofunctional Orthodontic
  • Dental Public Health