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slimming and nutrition

Our Dietitian at Elite Medical is an expert in food and nutrition and helps our clients to promote healthy eating habits. We also develop specific diets for people with special dietary needs. Our Dietitian translates the science of nutrition into everyday information about food for health and well-being and takes an active role in health promotion in our community. Educating and advising clients on how food and healthy eating habits can prevent illness and achieve and maintain optimum health is important to us at Elite. 

Our Services Include: 
Body & nutrition assessment, laboratory tests, body composition analysis, diet programs and plans, diet for weight loss & weight maintenance, diet for malnutrition & weight gain, diet for determining the sex of the baby, diet for children, diet for pregnancy & lactation, diet for bodybuilders & athletes, diet for diseases, diet after sleeve operation, diet to boost good mood & improve memory, diet for anti-aging and ready-to-eat diet meals. 

Slimming and Tightening Machines: 

Bodytek EMS: Stimulates more than 300 muscles & one session of 20 minutes is equivalent to several hours of conventional training, it helps to loose 3 to 13 cm from the body measurements and strengthens all the muscles. 
CryoFrequency: works with 3 technologies. Cryo, HimFU and Laser. Cryo frequency can be used for fat burning, body contouring and tightening. With the use of Cryo frequency you can lose from 1-3cm from the targeted area in just one session. 
Pressotherapy: Promotes lymphatic drainage to elimate liquids. It aids in recovering skin elasticity and treats swelling. Pressotherapy also drains toxins, fats and liquids which cause cellulite.

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