Our Departments paediatrics


The department aims to care for children in a happy and relaxed atmosphere which relieves their anxiety and helps them to make a speedy recovery.

We aspire to continue building on our reputation as a high quality, family-centered unit and our aim is that each and every child experiences this special approach during their visit. We are able to adapt our services to meet individual needs and our wish is that every child and their family will feel respected, understood, supported and involved. We also run an urgent referral service which means that, whenever necessary, same-day appointments can be accommodated with a general pediatrician.

Our Services Include:

General physical assessment of the newborn which includes hearing and vision tests as well as hormonal and other biochemical blood tests. Growth charts and milestone developmental stages for children, nutritional dietary advice as well as treatment of common childhood illnesses such as constipation, bed wetting, allergies and skin conditions. The department also has a short-stay unit where the child can be monitored and receive any necessary treatment such as fluids, oxygen therapy and nebulized medication.

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